Anime Review: Mob Psycho 100

Crunchyroll: Mob Psycho 100
Synopsis: Kageyama Shigeo, a.k.a. "Mob," is a boy who has trouble expressing himself, but who happens to be a powerful esper. Mob is determined to live a normal life and keeps his ESP suppressed, but when his emotions surge to a level of 100%, something terrible happens to him! As he's surrounded by false espers, evil spirits, and mysterious organisations, what will Mob think? What choices will he make?

Review: This anime is based upon the manga written by the amazing ONE, and has a very similar tone to his previous hit manga One-Punch Man. It's an exciting, funny, thrill ride with a clutch of colourful characters that you can't help but be entertained by. 

I picked up this anime well after its original air date, and honestly didn't think it was going to like it all that much; this mostly due to the fact that, even though I love the One-Punch manga, I did not end up finish the anime so I wasn't sure how well this one would translate. This anime completely blew away all my doubts and gave me a fantastic story-line with engaging characters, and beautiful visuals. 

The art is so eye catching and different to your typical anime, plus the wonderfully fluid animation make it a very enjoyable watch! It made it stand out amongst the other popular titles on Crunchyroll, and it was actually a GIF of Mobs psychic powers that caught my eye and urged me to watch. 

Mob is a wonderful character throughout the anime, and as more of his character is revealed I couldn't help but love him. He starts of as a self deprecating introvert, but ends up being an incredibly complex character who, despite being the most powerful psychic, only truly wants so be accepted by those around him! His infinite kindness and respect of his powers so endearing, and I was completely in love with Mobs character by the end of the twelve episode anime. 

The growth of the characters in the anime is another of my favourite things; I don't think there is any character that Mob didn't manage to change with his kindness, and if you've ever read this blog before you'll know that character growth is my favourite thing. I love my characters to be three dimensional, whether they're in books or anime, and Mob Psycho 100 manages this effortlessly. 

Recommend: Yes definitely! It's an interesting new premise that's managed to capture my heart, and I honestly cannot wait for season two. 


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