A Short Life Update!!

Hellooo everyone that reads this blog,

I'm backish, I have finally finished by dreaded dissertation, it has been handed in so now it's dead to me...and that also means I can finally read books that are not King Arthur related!!! I do still have an annoying amount of third year work left, so updates will still be slow but I'm excited to get back into the swing of things. 

I have so many books on my to read list, but I'm starting with the books that I've been lent which means Skullduggery Pleasant, and Six of Crows are going to be read first and after that I'm free to enjoy the many unread books I've collected in the past three months! 
I also have couple of manga recs/review posts coming your way too, and so hopefully by next week I should have some content to pop on this blog.  

I'm also thinking about kick starting youtube reviews again, but it'll all depend on how much time I have between cosplay, work, uni, and making content for this blog!! 

Anyway thanks for reading, and I'll hopefully see you next week for some all new content!! 

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